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fleeton : GPS Tracking System for Dairy Industry

Maruti 3PL Pvt. Ltd. developed an in-house product for dairy logistics and fleet management. The name of this product is fleeton, because we at Maruti 3PL firmly believe that in dairy industry fleet should be always on. Fleeton comes with a variety of features necessary for milk tankers monitoring and distribution trucks monitoring. Some of the notable features of fleeton are – real-time live tracking and monitoring of milk tankers and distribution trucks, playback, reports & statistics alerts and alarm conditions. Customized geofences of any shape and size can be created on fleeton’s licenced Google Maps, points of interests (POIs) for BCUs could be made on top of Maps layer, route monitoring and management module is useful for optimizing milk routes for cost and time efficiency, multi user access with rights conditions per user. Fleeton is like your eye in the sky. It gives all real-time information about your vehicles and tankers and also plays an important role in your milk transportation related decision making process.

To cater the need of cow-to-customer visibility, fleeton can be integrated with BMC monitoring system in order to get the real-time status of milk volume in each BMC, its temperature, agitator and compressor status, generator and power-grid status, CIP compliances check etc.

Fleeton can also be integrated with Digital Pad-lock Systems in order to give time-bound and location-bound access to keys to open tanker man-hole or valve for unloading. This drastically reduces the possibility of milk theft and adulteration.

Have a read about detailed case-studies on how fleeton is solving the problems of Dairy Industry.

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