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End-to-end logistics is what we love to solve problem for. Delivering the finished products to the retail outlets is crucial with both time and cost. As the number of retail outlets increases the pains of managing them also increases drastically. There are tough times for taking decisions. Whether to give another franchise or outlet in the same ward or not? Which products are to be given to which retailers? How to design the most optimal route for distribution network? How does a physical outlet and the surrounding look like? How to manage routes vs. distribution vehicles vs. agents? How to geographically analyse sales patterns and sales forecasting? We have solved these problems for Amul (GCMMF). 

With around more than one hundred cities and many more suburbs under the distribution network, Amul caters to the distribution of varieties of its products across India. There was a need of mapping all the outlets on a single platform for enhancing various decision making processes. Project Amul Tracks is an online GIS platform which renders all the outlets of all the cities under Amul's distribution network. It also provide details such as route-wise outlets, city-wise outlets, product-wise outlets, optimization of routes and the surroundings of outlets which may give useful information like the surrounding streets, the outlet photos and other information related to the outlet. 

The project has two elements broadly. The Amul Tracks android app which collects the data from the field and provide the basis for the input to the spatial database of outlets. The front-end portal, renders these collected data and provides various analysis and display tools.

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